Welcome Buzz to the Grieger Group Family!

Welcome Buzz to the Grieger Group Family!

Buzz is a wire fox terrier who has been newly adopted by Mark and his family. This little boy is having so much fun exploring the snow for the first time and Mark's beautiful home. Mark’s current dog, Tate, is absolutely LOVING having a new brother to play with!
Puppies can do some real damage to your home so it is important to prepare your house before your new pup arrives! Here are the four things Mark did to prepare for Buzz's arrival:

  1. Always have chew toys on hand. Puppies will chew on EVERYTHING (including your woodwork)! Make sure you have lots of chew toys to distract them with. 
  2. Prepare a space just for the dog. Preferably an area where the pup can come in from outside and shake off. Mudrooms are usually best, any area with tile or hardwood because they are easy to clean up.
  3. Stain remover. There is a 100% chance of an accident at some point while your new dog is still a puppy. Having stain remover ready is vital for stains being removed effectively. Ideally, buying a stain removing vacuum works wonders on carpet stains of all kinds.
  4. Gates. Baby gates work great for keeping puppies out of areas they shouldn’t be. This can eliminate the puppy from having an accident in your family room with white carpet. If your mudroom doesn’t have a door, a puppy gate can keep your pup inside the room while they dry off. 

Puppies are a joyous addition to any family, but they don't rule the house! Make sure your house stays clean with these puppy proof tips!

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